Represents our current offering: original and exclusive pieces aimed at brightening and providing well-being in the daily lives of all women. Each piece is carefully selected to reflect the personality and individuality of the wearer.


    Symbolizes our commitment to the future through the choice of conscious brands and products. We promote the spirit of slow fashion, with small-scale productions aligned with environmental sustainability and fair labor relations, never compromising our commitment to the highest quality of our items at a fair and balanced price.


    Embodies our enduring commitment to all women. We build this relationship through the brands and products we select, debunking the idea that only large fast fashion groups can offer good prices and showing that it is possible to find unique, original, and exclusive pieces without resorting to inaccessible luxury brands.

  • Hippie (but) Chic

    Bohemian spirit meets modern sophistication in unique, elegant looks.

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  • Casual & Free

    Relaxed style meets effortless elegance in versatile, comfortable looks.

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  • Dress 2 Impress

    Sophisticated designs crafted to make a striking impression.

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  • Workaholic

    Professional and stylish pieces designed for the modern workday.

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  • Wanderlust

    Travel-inspired fashion for the adventurous spirit.

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Utgång was born out of a passion for sustainable and ethical fashion. We create exclusive pieces that respect the environment and value fair labor