• Our Commitment to Sustainability, Ethics and Social Awareness

    At Missimuah , sustainability, ethics and social awareness are the pillars that support all the decisions we make. We are deeply committed to promoting conscious and responsible fashion, choosing brands that embrace the concept of slow fashion and produce on a small scale. These brands are selected not only for the exceptional quality of their pieces, but also for their manufacturing practices that minimize waste and prioritize environmental responsibility.

    Sustainable Production

    Missimuah is the result of the selection of concerned production processes focused on respect for the environment. We work with brands that prioritize sustainable manufacturing methods, from choosing eco-friendly materials to practices that reduce their carbon footprint. These brands are dedicated to creating fashion that does not compromise the future of our planet.

    Ethical and Socially Conscious Working Conditions

    We believe that fashion should be done with respect and dignity. Therefore, we selected brands that guarantee fair and safe working conditions for all their workers. These brands adopt ethical practices, ensuring that everyone involved in the production process is treated with respect and fairness. Our socially responsible stance is reflected in the choice of partners who share these values.


To increase the longevity of our pieces and reduce the environmental impact, we promote a repair program. We want our customers to get the most out of their clothes, extending the useful life of each item.

Additionally, we encourage reuse through a rewards program: for every bag of clothes sent to us for reuse, we offer a discount voucher for future purchases in our store.

At Missimuah , we believe that fashion can be a force for good, positively impacting the world and the people around us. We invite all our customers to be part of this journey, where every choice makes a difference towards a more sustainable and ethical future. Join us and discover how fashion can be authentic, conscious and responsible.